Incident Response 101: Principles & Foundations

Incident Response 101: Principles & Foundations

Please note: Depending on your current level of crisis maturity, we would always recommend that you complete Crisis Management 101, before completing the Incident Response 101 course.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Course Description:

During times of crisis, our people are required to think, act and feel very differently from day-to-day business, this course is designed primarily for those with a response role in an incident, emergency or crisis situation. We explore the key skills required for an effective response to an incident, emergency, or crisis and introduce the concept of non-technical skills. We explore how we develop, and effectively utilize those skills to enhance our response.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify and enhance personal leadership and decision-making styles and explore the most efficient styles given the dynamics of the incident
  • Explain situational awareness tools and techniques which allow leaders and teams to “get ahead of the curve” in an incident, gain control and take proactive decisions
  • Explore tools and techniques to deliver clear, concise, and accurate briefings to relevant stakeholders to achieve shared situational awareness
  • Discuss how to enable timely, sound, and defensible decisions to be made which positively and proactively impact the course of the incident

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