Online Hazmat Training

CHEMTREC offers online hazmat training designed to keep industry professionals informed of changing regulations, explore required practices for handling, shipping, and packaging of hazardous materials, and fulfill training requirements.

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Online Hazmat Training Features

Convenient online platform - start, stop and resume at any time
Interactive, narrated courses with learning checks and a final exam
Certificate of achievement upon successful completion of course
Access to each course for 365 days to complete your training
Ongoing course updates to meet regulatory changes and requirements
Ability to purchase course and book codes for others
LMS Team options with management and reporting features

Select the Right Training

Hazmat employers are responsible for making sure every hazmat employee is properly training. The type of training is based on the individuals day-today job function.

All employees are required to undergo training that provides a general understanding of hazmat safety and regulations. Our Hazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness training course meets this requirement. Individuals who ship, handle or may be exposed to hazardous materials require further training.

Please select any of the courses listed below to learn more!

Hazmat Training Courses

Training - General Awareness Course
Hazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Training 

Training - Ground Transportation 49 CFR Training for Shippers
Ground Transportation 49 CFR Training for Shippers 

Training - Ground Transportation 49 CFR Training for Carriers
Ground Transportation 49 CFR Training for Carriers 

Training - Dangerous Goods Training for Air Transportation
Dangerous Goods Training for Air Transportation 

Training - Lithium Battery Course
Shipping Lithium Batteries and Cells Training 

Training - OSHA Haz Comm
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard 

Training - HAZWOPER 8-hour Refresher Course
HAZWOPER 8-hour Refresher Training 

Hazmat Training Bundles

Bundled Training: Essential Training for Hazmat Shippers
Training Bundle: Essential Training for Hazmat Shippers 

Bundled Training: Foundations of Workplace Safety
Training bundle: Foundations of Workplace Safety 

Bundled Training: Air Transport of Lithium Batteries
Training Bundle: Air Transport of Lithium Batteries 

Hazmat Training Books

Training - 49 Code of Federal Regulations Book (includes U.S. Shipping $15.00)
49 Code of Federal Regulations Book 

Training - IATA DGR Book (includes U.S. Shipping $15.00)
IATA DGR 65th Edition Book 

Training Management

Utilizing our TEAMS feature, organizations gain the ability to oversee their employees’ training. Team managers can monitor employee advancement through various reports, such as:

  • • Login activity
  • • Final Exam Data
  • • Completion & Certificate Data
  • • Course Access Rates

Companies can also provide Team specific content to their team members. Contact the CHEMTREC Training Team to get started today!

Custom Training Solutions

  • • Post course Q&A sessions
  • • Licensing Options
  • • Course branding and tailoring
  • • Consultation with a regulatory subject matter expert
  • • Business Pricing
  • Request a Quote

“The pace of change in hazardous materials manufacturing, shipping, and crisis management is measured in hours and days. If you aren’t learning and training at the same pace, you are falling behind. It is through diligent training and constant adaptation that we safeguard lives, protect the environment, and continue to be good stewards in the seamless flow of critical materials in our increasingly interconnected world.”
- Andrew LaVanway, Chief Executive, CHEMTREC

Learn more about hazmat shipping regulations on the CHEMTREC website.