Prior planning is key to a successful response when dealing with an incident. Our specialized teams provide your staff with the skills to prepare for, respond to and recover from any situation.


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Crisis Academy Features

  • A convenient online platform allowing you to start, stop, and resume at any time
  • Courses that are fully interactive, with learning checks and a final exam
  • Certificates of completion for easy recordkeeping
  • Ready-to-use materials that provide structure and guidance
  • Easy-to-follow instructional videos

Selecting the Right Training

Our online training courses provide an introduction to the key skills required for the response to an incident, emergency, or crisis.

Our exercise toolkits help organizations rehearse their plans, test the plans effectiveness, and provide key personnel with the opportunity to rehearse their roles.

Templates provide structure and guidance, giving your organization the vital tools required to facilitate a rapid and effective response to a crisis, incident, or emergency.

Custom Solutions

We recognize that online training, templates, and toolkits aren’t for everyone, so we offer a range of custom-made packages uniquely developed to the specific needs of your organization. Our experienced consultants offer:

  • Custom crisis, emergency, or incident response plans and business continuity plans written specifically for your organization.
  • Face-to-face training packages that are functional, fit for purpose, and leave your response teams more confident and competent in responding to an incident.
  • Tailored realistic exercises allowing you to experience the challenges that incidents bring while our experienced consultants observe, guide, and course correct.

Contact a member of the crisis team for a free consultation!

Employee Training Management

With our Teams feature, companies can monitor the training of their employees. Team managers can track employee progress with the following reports:

  • Login activity
  • Final Exam Data
  • Completion Data
  • Content Access Rates

In addition, companies can provide Team specific content to their team members. Contact us to get started today!

Learn more about our Crisis Management Program on the CHEMTREC website.