If your company ships or handles hazardous materials/dangerous goods you are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation and other international agencies to obtain hazmat training. CHEMTREC can help your company stay safe and in compliance with its shipping hazardous materials training and workplace safety training courses.


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Self-paced training and convenient recordkeeping

Helps companies meet hazmat regulation compliance and safety standards

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Online Hazmat Training Features

  • A convenient online platform allowing you to start, stop, and resume at any time
  • A fully interactive environment, with learning checks and a final exam
  • Access to each course for 90 days to complete your training
  • Certificate of completion for easy recordkeeping
  • Ability to purchase gift codes for other users

Selecting the Right Training

Hazmat employers are responsible for making sure every hazmat employee is properly training. The type of training is based on the individuals day-to-day job function.

All employees are required to undergo training that provides a general understanding of hazmat safety and regulations. Our Hazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness training course meets this requirement. Individuals who ship, handle or may be exposed to hazardous materials require further training.

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Employee Training Management

With our Teams feature, companies can monitor the training of their employees. Team managers can track employee progress with the following reports:

  • Login activity
  • Final Exam Data
  • Completion Data
  • Content Access Rates

In addition, companies can provide Team specific content to their team members. Contact us to get started today!

CHEMTREC’s Custom Training Solution Offerings

  • Post course Q&A sessions
  • Course licensing
  • Course branding and tailoring
  • Consultation with a regulatory subject matter expert

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Learn more about hazmat shipping regulations on the CHEMTREC website.