Crisis Management 101: Principles & Foundations

Crisis Management 101: Principles & Foundations

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes

Course Description:

When we think about crisis management it can often feel a little daunting and overwhelming. This course simplifies crisis, incident, and emergency management down to their core components. The aim is to upskill individuals to promote and support the proactive response to an event, ideally it should be taken by all employees in an organization to establish a baseline understanding and create a proactive culture of crisis prevention. This course is a great induction tool. Concepts will be introduced to help trainees in the early identification and escalation of potential crisis situations and understand why this early escalation is so important.

Course Objectives:

  • Define crisis, emergency, and incident to identify appropriate levels of response
  • Discuss the common themes of a crisis, an emergency, and an incident
  • Understand the impacts of a crisis using the PEARL Method
  • Identify methods to prevent a crisis
  • Explain basic crisis response techniques

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