Ground Transportation 49 CFR Training for Carriers

Ground Transportation 49 CFR Training for Carriers

Please note: Users must complete the Hazmat General, Safety and Security Awareness Training course or an equivalent course before taking this course.

Course Description:

If your company ships hazardous materials or dangerous goods in the United States, you must comply with the US Department of Transportation’s Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR. The 49 CFR requires that employees involved in shipping hazardous materials within the U.S. receive training (49 CFR, Subpart H, Section 172.704). This course will help provide you with the knowledge that you need to fulfill your responsibilities as a ground transportation carrier using the US DOT Code of Federal Regulations Title 49, otherwise known as 49 CFR.

This course covers:

  • - The structure of the 49 CFR regulations
  • - Requirements specific to ground carriers found in Part 177 of the 49 CFR
    • - General information and regulations
    • - Loading and unloading
    • - Segregation and separation
    • - Vehicles and shipments in transit
  • - Security awareness
  • - Emergency response information

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